Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Very sadly, I have to end posting of AAGP until further notice. Other time commitments in my life have made the upkeep of this blog impossible. Please visit these sites to find guinea pigs in your region:

National Search Engines:

PetHarbor / Pet Finder / Pets911

National Message Boards:

Guinea Lynx / Guinea Pig Cages
/ Guinea Pig Home / Cavy Madness / Pigloo

Local rescues/shelters whose websites may differ from national search engines:

Humane Society of Charles County (MD) / Chesapeake Animal Control Unit (VA) / Roanoke Valley SPCA (VA) / Humane Society of Carroll County (MD) / Humane Society of Harford County (MD) / Washington Humane Society (DC)

Please visit my new site in the meantime:

Sponsor A Pig!

SPONSOR A GUINEA PIG! Where a dollar makes a difference.

Sponsor a Guinea Pig features one special needs guinea pig a month from a different rescue across the country. These guinea pigs are unadoptable due to old age and/or extensive medical issues. They rely on donations for their ongoing care. By featuring one needy pig a month, donators know that their small donations are cumulatively making a big difference!

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